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XiaoMi Giiker Supercube i3S


XiaoMi Giiker Supercube i3S


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The XiaoMi Giiker Supercube i3S is an amazing device.  This cube is electronic at its core. It is able to track every turn made with the cube. Download the accompanying app for your phone for free to pair with your cube. Timing starts when you make the first move and stops the moment the cube is restored to its solved position. 

Get a good time and want to reconstruct your solve? No problem. The app saves the moves made to solve it, so reconstruction is easy.

The app also has additional games to add a bit of fun, such as making patterns. There is a built in tutorial for new solvers as well.

All of this comes in a cube that is actually pretty nice. It turns better than most cubes on the market. It is heavier than the top end cubes, but that is to be expected with the added technology on board. 

If you are looking for a fun addition to your collect, this is a must have.

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