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Sponsored WCA Competitions

Sponsor Your WCA Speedcubing Competition with Cubing Out Loud!

Are you organizing a speedcubing competition and looking for sponsorship? Cubing Out Loud is excited to partner with you! We are passionate about supporting the speedcubing community and helping make your event a memorable success. Here's what we offer and what we expect in return from competition organizers.

What We Can Provide:


  • Podium Prizes: We'll work with you to decide if the prizes should be puzzles or gift cards for the top performers. You can choose to award the top three podium finishers or just the first-place winners. We can also offer raffle prizes to add excitement to your event.
  • Flexible Prize Values: The total value of prizes is determined by the number of participants in your competition.
  • Additional Discounts: Discounts are available for extra prizes for unofficial events or door prizes.
  • Note: Gift cards donated as prizes expire three years after creation date.

In-Person Vending:

  • We also consider the possibility of in-person vending at your event, allowing participants to purchase our products on-site.

Why Partner with Us?

At Cubing Out Loud, we are dedicated to enhancing the experience of speedcubing competitions. Our support goes beyond just providing prizes; we aim to create a vibrant and engaging atmosphere for all participants. By working together, we can ensure that your competition is not only successful but also enjoyable for everyone involved.

Interested in partnering with us for your next competition? Contact us today to discuss sponsorship opportunities and how we can support your event!