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About Cubing Out Loud

Cubing Out Loud is a small, independent shop located in Canada. We are affiliated with canadianCUBING, the official organization for speedcubing in Canada. This means that you can trust us. We come with a reputation of being a professional, customer and cuber-oriented shop. 

Our goal has always been to benefit the cubers of Canada by providing them with everything they need to succeed at speedcubing. From assisting in hosting official WCA competitions across the country, to selling the necessary equipment to get into cubing, we have a long history of being here to support you, the community. Buying from us supports that goal. 

We have been providing the community with these items since 2008, but only at competitions where we would sell in person. After many discussions, we finally decided in 2015 to open the online store to provide access to everything we have in between competitions, too. 

We will continue to be at many canadianCUBING competitions selling in person. But now, through the online shop, we have set up a Pick-up Program where you can place your order on the website ahead of the competition and then pick it up at the merchandise kiosk the day of the competition. Doing so will guarantee you get the items you need, and speed up the process as everything will be packaged up and ready for you. 

Check out our FAQ page to learn more about our Pick-up Program, as well as things like shipping, returns, discounts, and more.