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Nalu exM Clock

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Nalu exM Clock


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The Nalu exM Clock is a custom magnetic clock. Each clock is set up and magnetized by top Canadian clocker Lucas Nieuwland. These clocks are customized to fit the standard of an excellent clock solver. The clock has a fast, sharp click in its turning and a smooth snap for each pin. This allows for accurate turning and great performance. The clocks will initially be very catchy, but will smooth out after a break-in period.
Each clock is an individually customized puzzle. During the customizing process, a new LingAo Clock is opened, therefore it may not look new when you purchase it. It may or may not have one or more cracks on the plastic. Very strong magnets have been added to it which make for exceptionally fast speed and no sticking when moving the dials and pins. Due to the strength of the magnets, they may come off if placed near metals. Simply use a super glue to reattach. There are no refunds on our customized clocks. They are sold as is with the customization. Enjoy your custom clock:)