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Loud Lube

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Loud Lube


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Cubing Out Loud's own Loud Lube is finally here. After years of trials, we are happy to bring you four different silicone lube types to help make your cubes the best that they can be. 

Each lube is 10ml in size and comes in an individual ziplock bag for safety reasons.

Loud Lube comes in four viscosities, which affect the thickness of the silicone and thus the speed of the cube once applied.



The thinnest viscosity of the collection, the Lawnmower is 500cs and really speeds up the cube upon impact. 

Cherry Bomb

At 1000cs, the Cherry Bomb is a step up in thickness from the thin Lawnmower type. It is a nice alternative to the thin type by adding a bit of thickness while maintaining a silky smooth feel to the cube after application.


The Saxophone is the second thickest lube in the collection, at 2000cs. It is twice as thick as the Cherry Bomb and is great to help cubes that feel a bit loose and hard to control.

Jet Engine

The Jet Engine's 5000cs is by far the highest viscosity of the collection. This is great for things like Clock puzzles or others that can benefit from the tighter feel that comes from a thick lube.

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