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Speed Stack Timer Gen-4 with Mat and Carrying Case

Speed Stack Timer Gen-4 with Mat and Carrying Case

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The Generation 4 timer is the latest timer from Speedstacks. It has the "W" shaped design that gives it a more natural feel for starting and stopping.

The touch sensor on the Gen-4 is specially designed to bend towards the cube, allowing the cuber to start and stop the timer more naturally, which can reduce the chance of fumble while stopping the timer.

With it’s thicker design, the Gen-4 is heavier and sturdier than its predecessors, which can help to reduce movement of the timer when stopping the timer, greatly reducing the chances of a failure stop.

The display on the timer tilts down toward the cuber instead of straight up for easier viewing.

The Gen-4 Timer runs on AAA batteries, compared to Gen 3 which uses the coin shaped CR-2032 batteries.  The Gen 4 Timer can last longer than the previous versions.

This bundle includes the Generation 4 Speedstack Timer with data port with practice mat and carrying bag today for one great price! 

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