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Valk3 - 3x3x3


Valk3 - 3x3x3


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Quite possibly the most anticipated cube of all time, the Valk3 is name after Mats Valk who held the World Record for 3x3x3 single, which was done using this cube.  He worked with MonFangGe to develop a cube he would be happy to put his name on.  

This cube does not disappoint.  Right out of the box, it feels amazing. You are sure to set some personal best times on this cube.  

It is slightly smaller than a regular 57 mm cube by a tiny margin.  Not enough to feel a lot different when solving, but you can tell when looking at it. 

The packaging is quite remarkable as well. This is one cube who's packaging you won't want to just throw out. It can be reused to safely throw in a backpack, or to display the cube on a desk when not in use. 

These cubes are amazing.  Don't wait, get yours today.

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