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Hand Spinner Fidget Toy


Hand Spinner Fidget Toy


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Everyone is talking about Hand Spinners, sometimes called Fidget Spinner.  This is a great fidget toy that is quiet but fun to play with.  You can spin it on a flat surface or while holding it between two fingers.  

This Hand Spinner is great quality and can spin for up to two minutes! 

Some fun games you can do:

  • Try to see who can spin it the longest (use your cubing timer for better accuracy!) 
  • Spin it and try to solve a 5x5 before it stops
  • Toss it from one hand to the other while it is spinning
  • Toss it to a friend while spinning and keep it going
  • And lots more! Use your imagination!

It comes in three colours, red, white and a light blue.

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