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GAN 356 I


GAN 356 I


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The GAN 356 I is the popular cube company's step toward technological innovation. Picking up with the Giiker cube left off, the 356 I is a bluetooth enabled speedcube, which, when paired with their Cube Station App brings a whole new level of cubing to your finger tips.

The cube is magnetized and comes equipped with the IPG tensioning system, allowing hand adjustments of your tensions. Weighing about 75 g, this cube is not much heavier than most popular cubes on the market today.

Charging of the cube is done via charging cable. 

The app itself offers capabilities others have not. It can sense cube rotations to make the replay of solves even more accurate. This can help tremendously when training. Find your turns per second, rotations, bad moves and work to resolve them by studying the video replay. Lastly, it offers online competitions to take speedcubing competitions global.

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