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Armadillo Cube

Armadillo Cube

Armadillo Cube


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Armadillo Cube is a modern twist on the much loved classic Rubik's Cube. It is a 3D spatial puzzle with not six, but 12 colour groups.  

It features an ergonomic form that is designed for fast and accurate speed play.

From their website: 

The Armadillo Cube is an object beckoning you to pick up and explore. A pleasure to behold and play with, no matter what level of puzzle solver you may be. The Armadillo Cube is both simpler than the traditional six colour cubes and much, much harder. Unleashing the full geometric potential of 3x3 puzzles, you can now hold on to the ultimate 3x3 cube challenge.

Additionally With a long history of people pulling labels and unscrewing fasteners to reset their messed up, apparently unsolvable cube puzzles, a de-skinning functionality has been incorporated. With a Lego like construction one can easily remove to reset the colours, just like new. And for those of you that memorize the corner positions, the whole colour layout can be changed up.

A beautifully ergonomic form of the Armadillo Cube is a perfect fit for human hands and effortless to manoeuvre. As well as the stunning curvaceous design and the full featured game play the Armadillo Cube features high quality materials and finely tuned mechanics that result in a truly marvellous toy.

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