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About canadianCUBING

canadianCUBING is an organization designed to promote speedcubing in Canada. Our goal is to provide people, young and old, Canadian citizens, landed immigrants, or just puzzle enthusiasts with a means of connecting with others who share the same interest: solving puzzles quickly.

canadianCUBING was founded in late 2006 by two Canadian speedcubers, Matt Walter and Dave Campbell. The two had traveled to several competitions within the United States of American and realized how much fun they were. There had been one competition in Canada at that point in time, but it was the World Championships of 2003. There had not been another since then. The two decided they would bring a competition to Canada. They started the organization as a way to host competitions in Canada and to connect speedcubers in Canada together.

Today, canadianCUBING is run by Dave Campbell, Simone Sicard and Catharine Benzie.  We continue to host many competitions each year all over the country. There are many people that are involved in the organization in various aspects, donating their time and efforts, and in some cases money, to help make canadianCUBING and the competitions it holds a success.

Though canadianCUBING is the name of the organization that promotes cubing in Canada, as well as develops world class Canadian speedcubers, it is not only for Canadians. We encourage people from any nationality to participate. In fact, canadianCUBING has traveled to competitions in the United States of America and provide aid in the form of equipment and volunteers.

If you would like us to hold a competition in your city, or if you would like to contribute to the cause, please contact canadianCUBING for details by visiting the following link:

For more information about speedcubing, visit the wikipedia page, located at:

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