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Timer Mat


Timer Mat


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Do you have a Speedstack timer and need a mat to help protect your cube when trying to set those PBs?  We've got a number of different styles for the various versions of the Speedstack timers.  Generation 3 and Generation 4 timers work with the same type of mats. 

Pro Versions:

  • One Piece - 40cm(w) x 90cm(L)
  • Teemo - 40cm(w) x 90cm(L)
  • Razor Blue - 30cm(w) x 80cm(L)
  • Razor Green - 30cm(w) x 80cm(L)
  • Speedstack

Generation 3 or 4

  • Doraemon - 40cm(w) x 90cm(L)
  • Snoopy - 40cm(w) x 90cm(L)
  • Razor - 30cm(w) x 80cm(L)
  • Speedstack Gray
  • Speedstack Green

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