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GAN 356 X Magnetic - 3x3x3


GAN 356 X Magnetic - 3x3x3


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The most anticipated 3x3 of 2018 hit the market just weeks before Black Friday. This cube is a game changer in design. In addition to design improvements within the cube, this puzzle comes with new magnetic and tensioning systems. 

The GAN 356 X allows users to change the magnets by hand by sliding them out the top of the edge pieces. There are three types of magnets to choose from.

The puzzle comes with two types of IPG systems, Numerical IPG and IPG V5. The Numerical IPG tensioning system as it has less possibilities, making tensioning easier as it has less guess work involved. It can be tightened by hand.

On the flip side, the tensioning system for the IPG V5 is more robust. If you are particular about your tensions, you can fine tune it to your exact specifications using this system. 

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